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Gela Mtivlishvili

Gela Mtivlishvili

Editor at, a lawyer by education. Gela works on topics related to human rights, ethnic minorities, conflict zones and terrorism. E-mail:

Chiatura – Zone of a Disaster [Investigation] News

Chiatura – Zone of a Disaster [Investigation]

Journalistic investigation by the online publication Mountain Stories reports, how the mining company Georgian Manganese, which makes fortunes from the extraction of manganese in the Chiatura region, completely disregards laws, inflicts irreversible damage on the environment, endangers people’s health, and…

Guram Gamezardashvili, father of the deceased miner, Pavle Gamezardashvili Society

The Town of Death

The youngest was 24 years old; the oldest was 72. The stories from a small, grey town only spread to the entire country if a tragedy strikes. It takes only a couple of days for Tkibuli and Georgia to get…

Giorgi Gablishvili in the burnt house in Zardiantkari Society

13 Years in Ruins of War – A Report from Zardiantkari

The barbed wire laid by the Russian military cuts Zardiantkari in the middle. The window of the burned house of the Gablishvilis also shows the Russian base of Disevi and the new road connecting Tskhinvali and Akhalgori. The sound of…

Road to Itum-Kali district, Chechnya Society

What we (do not) know on the Georgia-Chechnya road and how 1000 hectares came under Russian control

The Chechen-Georgian road, the construction of which is warned by every statement made in the Russian Federation at different times, already exists. Only a 200-meter section near the Georgian border is damaged. When was the Itum-Kali-Shatili road built, and in…

Weeping of Shukruti - A report from the subsiding village News

Weeping of Shukruti - A report from the subsiding village

Residents of Shukruti covered large cavities with iron sheets. Whoever had another place to go or at least rent a new house elsewhere fled the village. There are only elders and a couple of younger residents in the village slowly…

Photo by Pankisi Community Radio News

Problems of Pankisi and the Gorge under the control of the State Security Service

„Only 2-3 young activists, with whom we could make noise about problematic issues in the gorge, stay here; the others have left the country,“ Luiza Mutoshvili, 30, resident of Pankisi Gorge said.

How Kedeli neighborhood is vanishing around the Bodbe Monastery News

How Kedeli neighborhood is vanishing around the Bodbe Monastery

On April 27, in the morning, he found walnut and fruit trees chopped down in his ancestral plot in Kedeli neighborhood. He demanded the workers, who continued chopping of the fruit-trees, to stop it. The Nun of the Bodbe Monastery,…

Shovi, Racha News

Whose Interests are Hindering the Conservation of the Racha’s Nature

Why did the Rioni, Zofkhituri, and Chveshuri rivers fail to obtain the status of protected areas in the Racha region? Which high-ranking officials and crony businessmen have obtained formal permission to construct hydropower plants and mine precious metals in Racha?…